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The members of the Beechworth Tonic Sol Fa Association gave their first public live performance at the Town Hall on Tuesday night last, with a end result that must have been equally as gratifying to themselves, because it was pleasing to the audience, who assembled in number adequate to fill the larger portion of the building. In widespread with all current we have been most agreeably surprised at discovering the excessive state of effectivity to which the vocalists had attained.

Senior Sergeant Ferguson despatched three constables to the residence of Mr. James Mortimer Gates on Tuesday final where they discovered the proprietor seriously unwell and in a partially neglected state. He was at once conveyed to the Hospital on a stretcher by the constables and a member of the Ambulance Brigade. He, nevertheless, only lingered a very few hours, dying quietly early yesterday morning, the cause for demise being cancer of the stomach. The deceased, who was 59 years of age, was for a really long time identified in connection with the Hibernian band, of which he was bandmaster for some years. The funeral takes place to-day.

and youngest son of Mrs. A. F. Gale, and grandson of the late W. Mr. Gale ie actually a lot improved both in type and method, and sang the music allotted to him very agreeably. Rooke’s charming music from the Love Test, “My Boyhood’s Home,” produced an nearly unanimous encore – it lost nothing in spirit or feeling by the repetition. In the second a part of the live performance, Mr. Gale sang “My Heart’s on the Rhine” (Speyer) which also produced an encore. It definitely was extremely flattering to the singer, that both his songs should be so properly received. We assume if he had taken the latter music half a tone higher, it would have been nonetheless more effective, and under no circumstances beyond his vary .

has been established upwards of 26 year’s, having been commenced by the late Mr. Joseph Wilkie alone in 1850, within the premises which have been occupied as much as the current time, and had been then very limited in size. His enterprise prospered significantly, in order that his name became a family word all through the Australian colonies . On Tuesday last, an old man named Thomas Girle, died at his residence, in Torrington-street,

beneath the conductorship of M. Gassner, for charitable purposes, have been very profitable, and a big sum – probably not much less than £ has been contributed to the assorted native charities and kindred institutions on this metropolis. The final of those open-air concert events happened on the 25th instant, and was properly attended.

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during the last twenty-five years, begs to tell them that he’s about leaving the colony for San Francisco, and would strongly advocate his successor, Mr. AUGUSTUS GEHDE, as a really cautious and competent grasp. Mr. Marsh has little doubt Mr. Gehde will give every satisfaction to those that could avail themselves of his services. On the first immediate, at her residence, 149, Clarence-street, Mrs. August Gehde, of a son. On arrival in Sydney in the early 1850, August senior was briefly employed as an assistant in the music store of W.

THIS DAY, July 14, at half-past 10 o’clock. To Musicians, Members of Orchestras, Professionals, Teachers of Music, Private Parties, and others. DUNN and LISTER have obtained instructions from the Curator of Intestate Estates to promote by auction, THIS DAY, July 14, at half past 10 o’clock, The furnishings, clothing, musical instruments, music, and impacts of the late Mr. John Gibbs, deceased. The assortment of music is very extensive and diversified, comprising all of the principal operas, theatrical, sacred, comedian, and dance. The violins are by celebrated makers – one is particularly worthy of notice, being the make of Andrew Guarnerius,

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It comprised a number of the most favourite compositions of British authors, including the names of Bishop, Balfe, Tom Moore, Parry, Russell, &c., to whose works each justice was carried out by the talented amateurs. We could want that other of our musical connoisseurs would follow the spirited example of the Drapers, by which implies many such treats as that which Mr. Gibbs afforded by his good taking half in last evening, would he offered to “the lovers of sweet sounds.”

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She said they recorded the music over two days and this system included all elements of studying about playing and recording in a professional studio. “KIDsing! has been two actually fun mornings of singing for main faculty youngsters. The youngsters have loved it so much this week, that they want to begin up a choir for them that runs all via term-time too.” Charles Glover also slightly later (c. 1857) printed the song cycle, Songs of the emigrants, to words by W.

Apartment at St. Clair’s – Court-yard and exterior of Simon Degree’s home, with whippingpost – Apartment at St. Clair’s – Fall of the final leaf – Chamber and death-bed of Eva! On Friday last the Rev. John Gardner delivered a lecture on “The Cultivation of Sacred Music,” within Isabella (“Bella”) Veronica MELODIA the Court-House. My pen completely fails to describe the pleasure the viewers felt in listening to the lecture . But “no, sire,” says he, “sirs, ye needn’t make a din, For Parkes, I, and Government most surelie will not give in.

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and strict confidence on the a part of the men in their chief, and on the a half of that leader a sound judgement and creative appreciation of the subject in hand. All this should have been obvious, to the skin public; but only to those that are acquainted with Signor Gassner in private life can be recognized his extensive experience of music, each in its technique and in its literature. So many opportunities have we had of hearing them that, we now have come to assume about the Band of the 50th Regiment almost an institution in Edinburgh.